We visited Hearst Castle in August (2008)

Sharon and I, and were awed by  the elegance

and grandeur of an American Palace,

but outstanding amongst the glitter and

wealth of treasures, the marble statues

and the priceless paintings, were the Flemish

tapestries, and in particular, The Mille Fleurs

Tapestry, depicting a stag hunt progressing

across the fabric of this Franco-Flemish Gothic

Tapestry. Woven around 1500, it is a”mille

Fleurs” or a thousand flowers type of  tapestry

characterized by the numerous blossoms that

decorate its ground.

To ensure that the priceless tapestry survives

another five hundred years, the tapestry is

gently cleaned, and where necessary, re-woven

and repaired.  Imagine, we asked each other,

we are looking at a tapestry that is over five

hundred years old!  The United States did not

even exist when it was created.


Tapestry, the fabric of our lives

Sandra Lee Smith

March 28, 2009


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