affluence, ataraxia, bed of roses, calm, calmness, comfort,  content, contentment, easiness, enjoyment, gratification, happiness, idleness, inactivity, inertia, leisure, luxury, passivity, peace of mind, prosperity, quietness, quietude, relaxation, repose, requiescence, rest, restfulness, satisfaction, security, serenity, supinity, tranquility

We expect it will be smooth sailing from now on; We have slain the dragon and emerged unscathed. Buying a house, packing up and moving, was the last thing on my mind in August, 2008.

September changed all that.

At first I faltered, fell ill, and lay in bed ten days, contemplating my unknown future.

I slept and sweated and wept bitter tears,

Reluctant to relinquish what we had, what we had built up over time;

it took all I had in me to change my outlook and persevere;

But we have succeeded in our quest,

and have found ourselves a new small spot of land

to claim for our own and fill with

trees, nd flowers and plants.

Yes, I think it will be smooth sailing from this day forward.


Sandra lee Smith

March, 2009

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