The magician had a book

and the book was titled

“The Service Cookbook


Ida Bailey Allen”

And I knew that this book

contained all the secrets

of the Kitchen Magic.

I held my breath

As I opened the pages

Many of them stained

And darkened and shredded

from use.

But I knew

It contained the Magician’s Secrets;


+baking powder+salt+raisins+milk =

Old Fashioned Raisin cookies


Sugar+milk+baking soda+additional sugar+

pecans=pralines and

Milk+tapioca+cornmeal+molasses+sugar+butter+salt = Indian pudding

Although I was a very young child, I studied the Magicians book, determined to learn all of the secrets and when the opportunity presented itself, I stole the book of Kitchen magic now it was mine and I could perform all the magical things that happen only in the kitchen.  And I did.


Sandra Lee Smith

March 2oo9

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