No matter how young or how old

we are

There is almost always something

we would like to have,

or do,

a place we would like to visit,

a room to redecorate,

a secret garden to build,

something special to do

with a son or a daughter or a grandchild–

and January seems like

the perfect time

to set goals and make resolutions,

but oftentimes, too soon we

forget our goals

or become caught up

in the process of everyday living

to keep those goals uppermost

in our minds.

If, say, you have resolved to

quit smoking

or overeating

and soon find yourself

with a cigarette in your hand

or faced with a bowl of icecream

its too easy to shrug and say

(Shades of Scarlett O’Hara)

I’ll think about this tomorrow’

But then tomorrow becomes tomorrow and

soon a month, two months,

three months

have passed you by.

Goals must remain visible

Need to be written down

and kept where you can see them


and be reminded

what it is you want from life.

Become vocal; let the universe

become aware of your presence

Here I am, World.


Sandra Lee smith

January 2, 2010



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