“Pride goeth before the fall” my mother liked to say,                                    and I did not know just what that meant                                                   Inasmuch as the only places I ever ‘wenteth’

were to and from school or the library                                                         Or my grandmother’s

and I wondered if it meant that Pride would goeth somewhere before autumn arrived and if  so, why didn’t pride goeth before the spring or summer, or even before winter?

But I began to have an inkling of what my mother meant when someone would tell me how nice I looked that day and I would bask in the praise only to spill milk or ink or something equally staining, later on, down the front of my dress and would find myself ruefully thinking serves me right for thinking I DID look nice and after any number of incidents involving ink or blood or chocolate, I learned to take all praise with a grain of salt

or at the very least, never come in contact  with ink or blood or chocolate when I was wearing something good.


Sandra Lee Smith                             February 22, 209

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