I”m so over you,

I knew we were through

When you pitched your shoe

Through the plate-glass window!

Your stuff’s on the lawn,

Take it, be gone,

Do your own swan song,

(I should have done this long ago)

I’m so over you

It’s like having the flu,

You never were true,

My life has been just so-so!

I’m so over you,

Tired of lies you’d construe,

With false platitudes,

Make this your exit a go-go!

I’m so over you,

What’s a woman to do

When a man sticks like glue

But melts like old snow.

I’m so over you!

I’ll never be blue

Starting my life anew

Doing my own one-woman show.


Sandra Lee Smith/Originally written April, 2008/updated June 7, 2018


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