SEEING IS BELIEVING (well….not always)

What you think of as truth

may be staged

For your benefit,

For the benefit of many,

To lure you into a false understanding

Of a situation.


The media

Sworn to report the news

Honestly and without prejudice

Take sides early on

and only report the news

That is slanted to coincide with their political views.

You can’t believe

Everything you read in the newspaper

Or what you see on T.V.

Everybody has An Agenda.


And now,

Everywhere you go

Someone has a cell phone

that takes film clips;

Everyone with a cell phone

Becomes a photojournalist.


I wonder

if all the American Soldiers

Invading the German concentration camps

Would have had cell phones

That take film clips,

Would it have been more difficult

for the naysayers to claim

That the holocaust never happened?

Five hundred thousand cell phone cameras

Can’t all be fake.

Then could you say

Seeing is believing?



Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 27, 2009/updated June, 2018


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