“It’s only natural” the doctor said,

“all new mothers have this experience….

These feelings…”

Natural. I wondered.

Most animals instinctively

Bond with their newborn offspring;

Some do not.

I have seen mother rabbits

force their tiny babies

out of the cage,

Killing them.

Was that natural?

We witnessed an old rabbit

the children called “Grandma”

Adopt  abandoned newborn baby rabbits

and produced milk for them.

Was that natural?

And if a human mother

Fails to bond with her Infant,

Is this only natural

Or is it unnatural?

Just what is natural?

and what is Unnatural?

Then there’s

Natural gas

Natural history

Natural philosophy

Natural science


Natural selection.

How many of these are only natural?


Naturally, I don’t know the answer to this.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January, 2009/Updated June, 2018

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