When I was a young child,

I often dreamed I was flying,

Sometimes running very hard through the street,

Trying to get liftoff.

Many years later,

My sister, Barbara, told me often dreamed

she was flying;

She was obsessed with flying

and so, in the 1960s, she

began taking flying lessons.

She qualified for a  pilot’s license

and made her dream come true.

In October, 2004, my sister passed away–

And in April, 2005, I spied a cardinal

in our bird feeder. I had never  before

seen a cardinal in California and that

sighting was brief and never repeated.

I realized, when I spied that beautiful red cardinal

that it had been six months to the day since

my sister had died–and I knew

she was sending me a message–

that her dream of flying had come true

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