How do we begin to justify

Hunger of the masses

when we have so much

and so much is wasted?

My refrigerator is full

As is the pantry;

You can’t get another vegetable

or pieces of fruit

or box of cereal

on the shelves.

The children arrive

and know where to find

juice boxes and bags of chips

to snack on;

the freezer is filled

with frozen bricks of various soups.

We could go, I estimate,

six months without

buying groceries .

We eat well

with little waste

but I was well trained

to economize.

Even so,

Much goes to waste

and I think about my mother’s warning

about starving children

in Europe,

Now China,

Or Asia

Or Africa–

Children have been starving somewhere

All my life


Farmers pour milk into ditches

and burn crops

Feed the hungry, we are urged

Millions are at risk of starvation; you can help!

Eighty cents a day can change a life forever

Sponsor a child today!

And yet

though I sponsor a child

and donate dollars to organizations,

Millions continue to starve

While farmers continue to destroy crops.

What difference will it make

if I throw out a crust of bread?

Who cares?

who really cares?


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January, 2009 updated 6/6/18





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