Your absence is ever present on my mind;

I think of you throughout the days and nights,

I wonder where you are and what you may be doing,

And think that you would be a welcome sight.

The years have gone by quickly; they have caught me unaware,

As I aged and watched my sons all growing tall;

They married and have children who are growing up now, too.

And I remembered you throughout it all.

You might have been the father of my children, had I known,

enough to wait for you to come back home;

Instead I married someone else and after all these years,

I find myself now living all alone.

And when I hear a certain song–our song–

My heart and mind race quickly back in time,

To a place, another place, where far away

I was yours alone and surely you were mine.

Your absence is a presence in a very secret place,

A place where no one else but I can go

And how can it be that all these years have come and gone;

And where you are today, I do not know.


Sandra Lee Smith

January, 2009

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