it’s a rainy day in the antelope valley; Rainstorms in the high desert are unlike any I have experienced before.

Ominous black clouds roll in from different


sometimes from the east, sometimes from the west

and there is a sudden downpour

It feels like a deluge and suddenly stops.

The sun comes out. I spy a rainbow.

More dark clouds roll across the skies and suddenly

we have gusts of wind – and Can it be? Hail!

The back yard is covered with tiny white balls of ice;

The sun returns, briefly, long enough to melt the ice

and I realize the runoff cascading down our street

is a raging river.

I am afraid to venture out in this weather,

Content to start a pot of vegetable beef and barley soup

It simmers gently on the back burner;

the clouds lift, fleetingly,

long enough to reveal foothills covered with snow.

I marvel at the sight of snow, so close by

I can see it from my living room window.

its a different kind of rainy day

than I am used to experiencing;

I think I will have to find

some rubber boots

so I can walk in the rain!


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally drafted February, 2009


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