You have my soul, the spirit said

And I began to weep;

This was more than I bargained for,

And naught that I could keep. *

How was I accountable

For souls I’ve never met?

How can I be reckoned for,

And how can I forget?  *

We lost our babe upon the ship

That came across the sea,

And I watched as my husband wept,

As my body bled and bled. *

“It’s paradise lost” the prophet said

As they left Nauvoo,

But the Lord would keep and bless

All who remained true. *

Souls were lost along the way,

They stumbled, starved, and fell,

But the prophet urged them on–

he had a tale to tell.  *

The soldiers looked upon a field,

Laid bloody with their dead,

Mixed with injuns, wives, and babes,

And not a word was said. *

While on a battlefield down south

thousands fought and died,

Brother against brother, while

In homes, their mothers cried.  *

I looked out on a barren plain,

The dust bowl come and gone;

And here was not much I could do,

But  simply walk along.  *

To make a country strong and true,

it takes a mighty price

For centuries, land lured men on–

It snares souls in a vise.  *

All those souls are crying out

For all that they have lost,

and for all they’ve given up,

No man can know the cost.  **


Sandra Lee Smith,

April, 2010

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