O God, We say so carelessly,

When we spill the coffee,

Or discover how cold it is outside,

Without thinking,

Using His name


O God, We say in prayer;

Lord, the Almighty,

Jehovah, the Infinite Spirit,

Allah, Khuda, The Great Spirit,

Buddha, Vishnu, The Father, the Holy Ghost,


Not forgetting the aboriginal gods of

Manito, Nagual, Pokunt, Waken Zemi,

Or the Egyptian gods of Anubis, Bast, Horus, Isis.

He has so many names–hundreds

From which to choose!

Why, then, do we select

O God!

Without thinking,


Calling on His Name


Despite His command

That thou shalt not take the name of the

Lord Thy God

in vain.

Is our vocabulary so limited

That we are unable to find

Other more suitable adjectives

to express ourselves?

like, O Heck, O Darn, O shucks,

or my mother’s favorite:

O fiddlesticks?

From this day forward

I will only say O God

When I really want to get His attention.


Sandra Lee Smith,

January 2009

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