It seems only fitting on this August day

To send you good wishes and tell you I pray

That you are listening, as daily I reach

Out to your spirit and say, I beseech

That you have knowledge and live without pain,

That you can look in on your sons once again,

That you have contentment, where ever you are,

That you are nearby, or not very far.

You’d be surprised, I think, if you saw,

That I’ve taken up gardening–it’s not hard at all–

But you were the gardener and I was the chef,

At the end of the day, what then was left?

You’d bring me fresh lettuce, red tomatoes so round,

And basil as fresh as the leaves breaking ground;

Sometimes we grew corn, fresh golden ears,

Sometimes we had sunflowers, all volunteers,

We had concord grapes and squash in the fall,

And lemons and oranges, enough for us all.

and now when I think of the lives that we led,

I don’t think we were lovers, but best friends instead.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written August 22, 2012, updated June 3, 2018

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