it’s greatly under rated

As the senses go–

some would say to see or hear,

and touch and taste

help a human grow

But I say,

what your nose knows

means an awful lot;

Take a whiff of the milk

and  you’ll know you’ll not

have to taste it to discover

that it’s curdled and gone bad.

Let me smell the roses,

the lavender and pine,

Let me smell the Rosemary

with this nose of mine,

Let me smell the winter air

to sense a storm is brewing;

I can smell it without seeing,

that bacca’ chaw you’re chewing.

I love the smell of coffee,

It helps me greet the dawn,

Let me smell clean linen sheets

that I’ve slept upon.

What your nose knows

Supercedes the other senses.

What your nose knows

Is the most intenses.


Sandra Lee Smith/originally posted January, 2009

updated May 31, 2018

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