The last thing that he said to her

as he was walking out the door,

Was “You go your way, and

I’ll go mine

I don’t love you anymore”.


He slammed the door for emphasis,

And hurried down the street,

There was a certain someone

He was planning to go meet;


He thought his wife was stupid,

that she didn’t know the score,

in fact, he was quite sure of it

he’d conned women like her

many times before;


By the time she learned

their bank account

didn’t have a dime,

he expected he’d be far away,

having one fine time;


Deep in thought, she sat a while,

then smiled into her coffee cup;

She gathered up the dishes,

As she rinsed and

stacked them up

Carefully, she filled the dishwasher

and turned the dial to “very hot”

It wouldn’t do to make mistakes;

Careless, she was not.


Sandra Lee Smith

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