The baby is born knowing how to suckle and

with an inborn fear of falling.

Our calico cat gives birth for the first time

and knows how to clean the newborn kittens

to remove the afterbirth and the kittens

know how to seek her teats

for nourishment.

We watch a video of a giraffe

giving birth to a baby that falls 6 feet

to the ground and soon stands on

wobbly feet to find nourishment

from its mother.

We all have pre understanding

of things, knowledge needed to

survive in the world.

We bring to the table

opinions, thoughts, ideas, pre-conceived

notions about people, places, things.

Whether these pre-understandings are

Theologically based or innate senses

with which we are born, it is all a part

of our connection with the Universe.


Sandra Lee Smith

January, 2009

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