COSMETIC companies boldly boast

Make up potions to erase

Every wrinkle, frown, and crease

From your aging neck and face;

JUST a dab on every night

Promises to rub out blots,

Every sign of aging skin,

All your little liver spots.

BOTOX can be shot right in

To your lips to make them full,

Rinses for your hair conceal

All the gray, for age is cruel!

IT seems no one has figured out,

It isn’t what is on your face,

It’s how you feel about your life,

That lets a person age with grace.

THE secret of remaining young

is having grandkids at your side,

A lot of laughter helps a lot!

It keeps your body loose inside.

IT’S learning something new each day,

It’s finding joy in every thing,

It’s accepting all that life may give,

And whatever each new day may bring.

IT’s never thinking you’re too old

To ride a bike or carousel,

You’re not too old to dance a jig,

(Even if you don’t jig well).

YOU’RE not too old for paper dolls

Or coloring books or making wishes,

Or playing hearts of singing songs,

About those naughty three small fishes.

You have it all within  you still,

To share with children filled with wonder,

And with them we won’t grow old

Until they put us six feet under!


Sandra Lee Smith/May, 2009


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