It’s another summer night.

There is nothing to do.

Herbert sits in his chair

Reading the newspaper

While I, listlessly,

Play a one-handed chopsticks.

I am bored silly.

I ask Herbert if he would like to take a walk in the park

And he says no, the park is too dangerous.

I ask him if he would like to walk down to the

Corner drugstore for an ice ream cone.

He says no, too many calories.

Would he like to play a game of cards?

I ask

and he says no, and do I mind

He’s trying to read the paper

and do I have any understanding of

the stock market and what it’s doing?

Admittedly, I know nothing about

the stock market.

In  a burst of enthusiasm I say to him

“We could go upstairs and have wild sex!”

To which he gives me a frosty glare.

“It’s NOT Saturday!” he exclaims.

I wonder, if I had an affair,

would Herbert even notice?


Who would bring him the paper

and his slippers

and cook his dinner?

Come to think of it,

Even a maid could do all that.


Sandra Lee Smith

April 25 2009/Updated May, 2018


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