In that day, the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent

With his fierce and great and mighty sword,

Even Leviathan the twisted serpent;

And he will kill the dragon wo lives in the area. (Isaiah 27:1)


“Slaying the dragon” can have many meanings;

To tackle and overcome alcoholism,

Or a disease,

But it can also mean a struggle to overpower

Any perceived weakness or fear,

And I thought of

The California Adventure,

Leaving Hearst Castle,

And the lowlands,

And beginning to climb up

And then down—

One mountain peak after

Another, driving cautiously,

Constantly pursued by

Faster moving vehicles;

The mountain peaks seemed

Never ending, but we

Hugged the mountainside,

Never looking down;

Once back in the lowlands

I patted myself on the back

For slaying this dragon—

I had never driven over

Mountains before—

But there was more to come

When we began the steep climb

Over seven thousand feet high

On our way to Yosemite,

And this time Baby car

Was on the outside lane.

I kept my eyes on

The yellow line in the middle

Of the road–

And never, never glanced beyond,

While Sharon, my Canadian

Penpal, making her first trip to

California, kept whispering

Words of encouragement.

You never know what you are

Capable of doing

Until you do it,

And if that was Slaying the Dragon,

Then I slew it that day.


Sandra Lee Smith/August 2008


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