What I have learned going through life

as one of seven children

is that brothers are a valuable asset.

An older brother is a guide

when  you begin dating

and won’t hesitate to tell you

which boys are bad news

and one that you absolutely should not go out with.

An older brother won’t hesitate to warn a

potential boyfriend what their fate will be

if they ever get out of line.

Younger brothers are a valuable asset as well,

for when you tell a potential boyfriend that you

can’t go to the drive-in unless you take along

your two younger brothers and they don’t object…

You know that this could be a potential boyfriend

and you are in fairly safe hands with two younger

brothers sitting in the back seat.

What I discovered much later in life is that brothers

(and sisters, too) are fantastic travel companions.

Who knows you better than your brother?

Who finds the same kind of restaurants and hotels

and places of interest more to your liking than a sibling?

Siblings, I found, are the best companions with whom

to travel. Who else but a brother has your best interests

at heart? Who else can  you reminisce with and tell stories

about your childhood–and never get tired of hearing

the same stories over and over again.  And who better to that that

journey with than a brother?


Sandra Lee Smith/originally written 2009


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