I remember

All the homes in which I have lived

Since childhood – three until I was married,

Twelve apartments and/or houses in twenty-six

Years of marriage and

Three since divorce –

Until 2008,

When I bought another home of my own,

The Antelope Valley, Quartz Hill.

While bricks and walls and plants and trees

Of necessity have been left behind,

I have been moving our memories

Throughout my lifespan,

Photo Albums, boxes of letters,

Crocheted pillow cases made by my grandmother

My grandmother’s cookie cutters and a potato

Masher that my Uncle made for my grandmother,

And my grandmother’s serrated bread knife,

Blue glass that belonged to my sister;

A recipe box that belonged to my mother,

All of these things represent memories

That have been traveling with me

When ever it was necessary to pack up

And find another house in which to live.

I may leave behind walls and bricks,

But moving our memories is as important

As furniture and clothing

And the bigWedgewood stove

That has been my inspiration for many

Pots of stew or jars of jam;

The painting of my grandmother

Above the fireplace

Hung in the dining room of my last home;

It will go where ever I go—

Along with photo albums

And books and recipe boxes

And cookie jars.

Now I can look around and say

“This is home. I brought my

Memories with me.


Sandra Lee Smith/2009



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