She will look in the fridge,

she will look in the cupboards,

she will gather this and collect that

even when the shelves seem bare

She will wash, peel, cut and dice,

She will throw everything into a pot,

Savory aromas soon come to our senses,

we know something wonderful if brewing!

Before we even know it,

she is working on something else,

she’s whipping together fluffy biscuits

maybe to go with our supper meal!

These are soon in the oven,

blending together some new smells

Then she starts making the batter

for some of her special brownies.

An artist in her own domain

A learned doctorate of the kitchen!

A specialist of culinary delight!

A master of baking cookies sublime!

A teacher of all dietary matters!

She is the Emcee of feast;

Why that’s our very own Sandy

but heck how does she do it?!!


Written for me by penpal Sharon Prue–Sandra Lee Smith/March 2009


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