Who would have thought

At my age

I’d buy a house
on my own,

Without a co-signer,

And that we’d spend

Three months packing and moving

600 boxes to shift residency

Sixty-five miles north

Of the San Fernando valley—

That we’d find ourselves

In a cottage type dwelling

In the High Desert,

Stuffing 3000 square feet

Of books and cookie jars

And recipe boxes,

Plus 50-something photo albums

Not to mention

Furniture and appliances,

Two cats and

Two dogs

And nineteen years of


Whatever anyone else

Wanted to discard,

And squeezing all of it

Into 1500 square feet,

(Ignoring well-meaning advice

That it cannot be done),

Filling every

Nook and cranny

And giving away

Carloads of stuff.

I never could have imagined

This turn of events

Just before my 68th birthday

And yet

Here we are

Starting over

When I least expected it.


Sandra Lee Smith/February 2009


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