We were three little girls on Sutter Street,

Playmates, from the time we were five,

With paperdolls, dress-ups and a place to play school,

We played make-believe and contrived

To play “let’s pretend” in various ways,

In lace curtains we’d stroll up Sutter and down,

And visit the neighbors in our cast-off hats

High-heeled shoes and discarded old gowns.

The little old ladies on Sutter Street

donated the clothing we wore,

and gave us the scraps of fabric we used

to sew our dolls’ clothing and more;

On bicycles we rode all over the town,

and collected seeds to sell to the ladies

(never mind that the flowers were their own hollyhocks)

We had picnics in woods that were shady;

There were jump ropes and skates and things to collect

For crafts to make things we could sell;

We put on a show once a year, but in truth,

Did not rehearse it very well!

On summer nights all the children would play

And when we grew tired, we would sit

On somebody’s front steps and sing current songs–

Singing songs we knew just a bit;

We grew up and dated, as teenagers do,

Double-dating and doing things together,

One by one we got married and had families

and went separate ways and no matter what 

How many years have gone between visits,

When together we all talk at once and its nifty,

Laughing together recalling the days,

of a childhood in the 40s and 50s.


Sandra Lee Smith

February, 2009


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