When finally sunshine’s golden rays peek through the window blinds,

And a glimpse at my nightstand clock tells me that it’s time

To rise and shine, and shower, dress, and tidy up my room,

Feed the cats—the dogs and birds and find the kitchen broom—

(which has a quirky way of going missing all the time)—

(I know the grammar isn’t good but nothing else will rhyme)

I ask the Boss what he would like for breakfast on this day,

Pancakes? Bacon? Eggs? Or Toast? He only has to say.

While we eat I make a list: we both read from a book,

I give a thought to dinner and what I ought to cook.

I gather up the laundry, put a load into the wash,

And through the glass front loader, watch the water slosh;

I’ve tidied up the kitchen and gone to check the mail,

Decide the floor needs mopping and go to find a pail—

(like the broom, it’s missing) Bob borrowed it to use.

“You never ever put things back, I heartlessly accuse”.

(He offers then to mop the floors, I gladly say “OK”) –

I’ve got a lot more I can do throughout my busy day.

I water all the outdoor plants and hose the patio,

And check the avocados, to marvel how they grow—

Eight are sprouting faster now, outside in larger pots,

I give the garden hose a yank, unravel all the knots…

I talk to all the plants and trees and tell them to grow strong,

And pat their sprouts to let them know, they every one belongs,

I fill the CD player, to fill the air with song,

And have a peaceful feeling that nothing can go wrong;

To this very time and place, I say a prayer and then

Go to bed and rest my head so I can start again…



Sandra Lee Smith/2008

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