Haven’t I spent all my life,

worrying over one thing or another?

A test at school,  a lie I told?

A quarrel with my brother?


I worried if I’d get a date

for the Winter Dance,

And the Statewide Spelling Beef–

Did I have a chance?


I worried that my clothes were not

As nice as all my friends,

That I never had the cash

To cope with fashion trends;


I worried–would a boy I liked

Like me as I am?

I worried for the many times

I had a test  and crammed


I worried–would I get a job,

After Graduation Day

And when I had an interview,

I worried–what to say?


I worried would I find a man.

To marry me, and then

I worried would I find a dress,

and after that, just when?


I worried throughout pregnancies,

and would this baby be

ten small fingers, ten small toes,

a little he or she?


I worried would I have this child;

would he grow straight and tall

I worried would he get good grades?

I worried most of all–


I worried could we play our bills–

and, if not, what then?

and if the kids all needed shoes,

I’d worry once again–


I worried when we had no cash

for milk or bread or food,

and when another baby came,

I’d worry for my brood;


I worried could I hope to be

a caring, loving mother

and when my sons were grown and men,

Would they like each other?


I worried, yes, I worried

From way back then to now;

and all there was to worry on,

Just wrinkled up my brow;


Would my husband love me

When my hair had turned to gray?

and if I gained a pound or two,

what, then, would he say?

Now that I am facing

Heaven’s Gates, I worry, too,

Will St Peter let me in?

Will He ask “well who are YOU?”


Will he chide me for my lack

of trust I God and man?

Will he ask me why I worried?

(I’ll say, because I can!)


Sandra Lee Schmidt/2008

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