When I was a little girl,

Perhaps once or twice a year

my parents would have a party,

sometimes it was a New Years Eve celebration

to which children were not invited—

although one year, my brothers and cousins and I

had our own party in the basement of our house

on Sutter Street..

I’m not sure what we did to occupy ourselves

but what I remember is the next morning

There were many tumblers with an inch

or two of liquid at the bottom—

but which did not taste very good.

I suspect my brothers may have poured all the

dregs together  to see what they had missed,

but what I remember best

is the remains of a cake

left laying out on the table

now crusty and dried out–

but cake…was cake…

.no matter what its condition

SO while our parents slept

We polished off the cake.

–Sandra Lee Smith




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