Men come and go,

Siblings have their own lives

To think about,

Parents—at some point in your life—

Are no longer around…

Children, if you have them,

Grow up and go off on their own,

Living their own lives,

With spouses and children,

Careers, house payments, little league,

Boy scout camp outs

And soccer tournaments.


But girlfriends—

Girlfriends are the one constant

In your life

From early childhood

Throughout marriage(s)

And divorce(s)


And deaths—

Passing of parents,



Teachers and


Throughout it all

Girlfriends are there

To lean on,

To offer comfort

Or a shoulder

To cry on—

To assist,

To Listen,

To laugh with you

Or to cry with you,

But always

There for you.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted 2009/updated May 2018

For Patti

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