We are a part of an Indian tribe;

I do not know the name of our tribe;

our leaders simply referred to us as “the Chosen Ones”

We had a language of our own, of that I am sure,

but I don’t know what it was called

I only know that other tribes and other people did not speak our language.

We often communicated in sign, the universal language;

My sisters and I have fathers not of this earth–

They were called “Starmen”

They came to earth and chose the most beautiful Indian girls

And by a procedure not known to my people,

Made three young girls pregnant without intercourse.

The three girls, our mothers, remained virgins.

This is how our tribe leaders knew the truth about the Starmen.

When we three, who considered ourselves sisters,

were six years old, we were sent to live for a time with the Starmen.

It was a place far away and unknown to my people.

After we had learned all that the Starmen had to teach us,

we returned to our tribe. Much time had passed;

Our mothers were no longer young or beautiful.

Those were difficult times in the lives our people.

We often hid in caves and wrote our tribal history

On the walls of those caves.

At night we stood under the stars searching the skies

and trying to understand what was expected of us.

My sisters’ names were Truth and Honor.

My name was Justice.

There was very little truth, honor, or justice in the land of my people

at that time.

White men came and murdered my people,

even our women and children.

We three hid deep inside the caves,

waiting for our Starmen fathers to return.

They never did.


Sandra Lee Smith/Originally posted 9/12/2012

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