You may wonder how our names were chosen.

It is a truth in our Shoshone tribe that children are not named, not

until a significant event takes place does a child find its name.

We three had spent much time together in our earliest childhood;

It was a sacred trinity, we believed, that we would always be together

and vowed to find another in future lives.

Not everyone believes as we do. Missionaries came and ridiculed our

Native practice.  They called us “Heathen”.

One night we three danced over the waves, flew with the eagles, and danced

over the moon.

“You dreamed it” said one of the missionaries. “It did not happen”.

It’s a peculiar thing about the missionaries.  They only believe in

white man’s religious beliefs,

some of which are stranger than ours.

The rest of us are heathens.

These are the names our tribal leaders chose for us.


Sandra Lee Smith/past lives originally posted 9/14/12


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