In English, we would say “my friend”

In German, it’s my “Freund”

The Spanish word is “Amigo”

The Danish call him “Ven”


The Dutch will call him “Vriend”

(Close cousins to my “FRIEND)

The Latin word is “Amicus”

The Persian word is “DUST”


In Swahili, folks say “Rafiki”

The Irish word is “Cara”

The Italian word is “Amico”

but don’t look far “awaya”


While the French say “Bon Ami”

In Hebrew folks say Chaver–

While Russians call a friend “My drug”

Georgians call him “Megobari”


In Scotland, folks may call you “Pal”

and invite you to have tea,

Albanians like to call you “Milk”

(It’s close enough for me)


Everywhere throughout the world,

There is a word for “Friend”,

And may I say to one and all,



Sandra Lee Smith/originally posted August 21, 2012


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