He’s too far gone,” the doctors said,

There’s nothing more that we can do”

And while his loving family wept,

The old man’s fever grew;

While nurses  came and nurses went,

The family gathered ’round the bed,

Holding on to feeble hands,

Some watched the monitors instead;

He looks quite peaceful” said one son,

While unbeknownst to all

A host of angels gathered near,

Preparing for the call;

And watching from the ceiling, he

observed them all below,

It doesn’t hurt at all he thought

I wish that they could know.

Too far gone? he asked himself

Why, I’m just beginning!

All of them think what I’ve lost–

While I think what I’m winning!


Sandra Lee Smith/July 3, 2012/for Robert Fend, September 22, 2011

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