There’s Blue Sage and

Comet Blazing Star,

Forget-Me-Nots and

Desert Candle;

Owl’s Clover,

And Dune Primrose;

There is the Scarlet Bugler,

And Rattlesnake Weed,

Prince’s Plume and

Linear-leaf Goldenbush;

Tidy Tips and Rock Cress,

Globe Gilia and Adonis Lupine,

Pineapple Weed and

Wooly Paintbrush,

Baby Blue Eyes, Fremont Pincushion,

And Sun Cups,

Bright Yellow Coreopsis,

Thistle Sage and Desert Calico,

Dandelion, Apricot Mallow and

Fiddleneck.  There is,

Certainly, also a landscape

of mllions of golden poppies;

The desert is in bloom in the springtime,

And it’s all here,

Clamoring for attention,

Demanding admiration.


Sandra Lee Smith/October, 2012


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