After a torrential downpour

That never seems to have an end,

As trees are felled by lightning

and the streets are flooded to the curb tops,

Then the sun comes peeking out from behind a cloud

And it dries up the rain

and everything, everywhere, looks brand new again.

So it was with you and I, suffering through

a torrential downpour

For which you had only yourself to blame,

Thinking perhaps that I, your safe harbor,

Would always be there waiting

to cast a net and bring you back to shore.

Like trees being felled by lightning,

So was our family, torn asunder,

Children trying to please both parents

and wanting only to remain being a family.

Bitter arguments over possessions

and a man who only wanted, he said


I was so blinded by the storm that

I was unable to foresee the sun

waiting to shine on me again,

but like an East Coast fisherman,

I donned my rain gear

and waited out the storm.

Soon enough, I began to realize

I could have a life without you

and quite possibly,

a better life at that.

Then I knew it as time to let go–

Let go of a marriage of twenty-six years,

Let go of an image in my mind–

Not what it actually was but just what

I wanted it to be.

A marriage is not a marriage

if only one person is committed to it.

I can see clearly now;

The rain is gone – and

I finally let go.


Sandra Lee Smith/originally posted July 24, 2010

Last edited May 15, 2018

sandy’s note: I think this is one of my very favorite poems.


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