It was a fierce cold winter wind,

that blew across the valley,

chilling to the heart and to the bone,

You left well before the onset of this winter;

Leaving me to face this cold alone.

I saw you in a dream last night—

I’d called for you to come and let me know,

What life is like in that place, where you are now,

And was it terribly hard for you to go?

But in my dream you just walked by,

Without a glance or nod in my direction,

You looked quite well, your cap on straight,

And fit, as though you came just for inspection.

Then I awoke, and lay there still, asking myself

What it all really was about–

Was I being told I’d have to wait?

My heart and mind are riddled with fresh doubt.


–Sandra Lee Smith

posted July 23, 2012/updated May 14, 2018


*Originally posted in Endings, February 18, 2012

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