In India , long ago, every community had

Its own sacred tree,

While in ancient Japan , the earliest temples

Were sacred trees.

Over time, altars were added to the trees,

Not the other way around.

This is true as well for the tribes of

Pre-Christian Europe;.

The Celtic druids were famous for

Their sacred groves; the word ‘druid’

Means ‘one with tree knowledge’

While in the old Germanic languages,

The word for temple is identical for the word

For wood/grove.


They are our Guardians

Protecting all life on earth,

Just as a single tree provides shelter

From the sun, the leaves that fall

To blanket the earth

Nurture and protect the smaller living things

That grow beneath them.

Humans have loved and revered trees

For more than six thousand years.

The wisdom of trees is as old as time.

And the sacred groves of trees are

the gateway to the spiritual world.

How, then, have we allowed trees

To be ruthlessly chopped down

And our forests depleted?

Those forests…the natural temples of life.

Within the sacred groves is the most perfect

Place to give thanks to

The forces of nature.

Hug a tree…to show your appreciation

For this wondrous gift.

Plant a tree

To restore the earth.


To my girlfriend, Connie, Kelly’s  godmother, who taught us all how to hug a tree.

–Sandra Lee Smith May 7, 2009/UPDATED 5/13/18




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