I’ll remember Carmel ever after,

Strollers after dark and sounds of laughter

Lamppost lights flickering through the trees,

Shady, leafy, ruffling in the breeze,

Shops along the way, a myriad of flowers,

Quaint tiny restaurants in which to pass the hours,

Breaking bread, sipping wine by candlelight,

Chill sea breezes descending down at night,

Or shop keepers, those smiling cheery faces,

How much I envy you, this time and place is

Where city life has seemingly passed by,

Alone you drift midst sea and sand and sky.


Sandra Lee Smith

*I made my first trip to Carmel, California, in 1979, with a girlfriend whose family visited Carmel every year when she was a young girl. I was so enchanted with Carmel and Monterey Bay—Bob and I made a number of visits to Carmel and Monterey, over the years we spent together. Pismo Beach, Carmel, and Monterey Bay became our favorite get-aways.  We also “discovered” John Steinbeck and began collecting his books.

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