(In the 60s and 1970s I was an avid postcard collector and I  subscribed to a newsletter called Deltiology, which was for post card collectors and dealers. I came across an issue of Deltiology, which printed a poem I wrote about Deltiology in 1971.)

I’ve seen canyons splashed with streaks of brilliant rainbow hue;

I’ve felt the mountain’s majesty and visualized the dew

Of morning droplets sprinkled on the Lordly Redwood trees,

I’ve been to Eastern cove and Inlet, felt the ocean’s breeze;

I’ve felt the humid warmth of Bayous in swampy southern lands,

I’ve seen the shimmer of the shifting, glistening Desert Sands…

Covered bridges, old lighthouses, ships upon the seas,

I’ve toured a thousand famous places, everywhere I please;

I’ve never stepped beyond my door, an album holds the key;

For it’s a Traveler’s Passport to All lands…the Sesame…

To open doors, to take me here and there and everywhere….

I’m a Deltiologist….in my favorite easy chair.

–Sandra Lee Smith

Updated May 11, 2018



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