I’ve lost a lot along the way,

The journey has been long,

I’ve kept on course even though

My shoes were frayed and worn;

I think of all I left behind,

Family, yes, and friends,

I left them all just standing there,

My journey never ends.

I had a vision of the Truth

That would lead me to The Way,

I disregarded all who thought

That I was going astray.

I had so little and now have naught,

My clothes are thin, thread-bare,

But I continued on my course;

My faith would get me there.

And now the prophet stands in front

Of all who’ve gathered here;

He tells us that “This is the place”

And I am filled with fear.

There is nothing that I can see,

As far as I can see,

There are no roads paved with gold,

No bush or shrub or tree;

It is a barren place, I know,

And where will I belong?

A bishop smiles, with pity now,

And buys me for a song;

I’ve given up most everything

With just a single goal,

And now I’m left with nothing but

To sell my very soul.

(Sandy’s poem-note: ok, this is kind of a sequel to “This is the Place”—posted recently–I didn’t plan it; it just happened; I think my muse has been busy—sls)



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