My heroes have always been cowboys,

Roy Rogers, Gene Autry,

Hopalong Cassidy;,

They wore white hats and

always got the bad guys,

Whose hats were black;

We sat in the front seats,

Of the movie theatre

Shouting at the screen,

And spilling popcorn.

We knew who our heroes were

And their values

God, our country, mom and

Apple pie,

And their horses,

Trigger, Champ (The Wonder Horse) and Topper;

We play cowboys and Indians,

Running up and down the street;

The most coveted role to play-like

Was the horse;

“Play like I am Trigger” you might say;

“No, it’s MY turn to be Trigger” I would reply.

Our brothers all had cap guns and holsters;

We all had cowboy hats;

We listened to all the cowboy programs

On the kitchen radio–

“Hi Ho Silver” cried the Long Ranger.

Along came television and

Our cowboy heroes were on TV

Galloping across the screen in half-hour

afternoon programs

We knew what cowboys stood for,

No nonsense, Eat your cereal,

Make your bed, honor your parents;

Cowboys represented everything good

That life had to offer;

We all yearned to be cowboys

When we grew up.

My brother Bill actually did

Become one.


Sandra Lee Smith,

April 2008

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