Four days in Reno

We laughed and talked

And had ourselves a time;

Four days in Reno

a year ago those days

were yours and mine….

Little did we realize

the sands of time

were quickly running past,

Four days in Reno,

I should have known

it couldn’t last.


And now when it is late at night,

and I am in my bed alone,

I remember Reno,

and all the happy times we’ve known,

I still can see us smiling,

Silhouettes against a snowy mountain sky

and memories I’ll cherish

Until the day I die.


Sandra Lee Smith (1985)

(This was written in memory of my parents and the four days I spent with them in Reno in March, 1984. My father died of  heart attack in July, 1984. Those few days in Reno were the only time in my memory that I had both of my parents to myself)

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