What happens when someone dies?

Do they observe what is going on from a place

Near the ceiling or are they quickly whisked

Off somewhere?

Can you hang around long enough to see what

Kind of funeral you have merited?

Or is it all a moot point, not worth checking up on?

My Aunt Annie reported a near-death experience

That took place when she was in a hospital,

Seriously ill.

She said later that she watched everything going on

From above her body, as doctors and nurses rushed

To her aid.

Then suddenly she was yanked back into her body.

THAT hurt” she complained.

Apparently dying didn’t cause as much pain as returning

To her body did.

Where are the souls who have gone on ahead of us?

Are they in another dimension, able to see and hear

What is taking place–?

Or are they far off flying around somewhere,

Totally uninterested in earthly matters?

Curious as I am about the answers to these questions,

I am not in any particular hurry

To learn the answers.


–Sandra Lee Smith


Originally written February 19, 2009

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