How many times did he say the unsayable,

Before I finally got it?

“I’ve met the most wonderful woman

in the world” he said.

“I don’t love you” he said.

“I want to be single and free”,

saying the unsayable.

And the time finally came

When I said the unsayable.

“Fly and be free” I said.

“I am getting a divorce”.

“Oh, you say that now”

he said

“tomorrow you will change your mind”.

But I found myself

After twenty six years

Saying the unsayable.

“I have to get on with my life”
I said

“and you aren’t gong to be a part of it”.

And now, when I reflect on those events

Which took place long ago and far away,

And ponder on how much my life has changed

Because in the end

I was able to say the unsayable.

“I don’t love you anymore”.

And I knew I spoke the truth.


Sandra Lee Smith

January 23, 2009/updated May, 2018




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