There is no connection

between the child that I was

and the old woman I have become.

Yes, we have the same blood

and perhaps the same skin,

although her blood was fresher

and her skin much smoother than mine;

our eyes are the same

but perhaps we see things differently now,

oddly enough, our hair has gone

from light and curly

to dark and wavy

but has returned to light and curly again.

but there is no connection

between her heart and mine

we see things so differently;

she had no lifelong experiences

to weigh and value and judge,

or to contemplate;

she knew so little, had not traveled

or married and had children;

she could not know what her life would be.

and I, I who have done it all,

look back and marvel

at her innocence,

but for me there is no connection.

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