Childhood innocence


Belief in Santa Claus

The Easter Bunny


The invincibility of parents

The power of the Catholic Church:

*To forgive sins

*To change wine into blood

*To change bread into the body of Christ

*The infallibility of the Pope

*That you have to go to church to get to heaven

*The belief that the policeman is my friend

*Or that a politician can be  trusted

*That cleanliness is next to godliness

*That hell exists (it’s here on earth)

*Ditto purgatory

*Ditto Limbo

*That lightning never strikes twice in the same place

*That honesty is always the best policy

*That a mother will die protecting her child (some mothers murder their own children

Also lost:

My high school ring

My dad’s Nikon camera

My wedding ring

oh. wait. those three things were stolen, not lost.

Final lost:

*That one’s own children wouldn’t steal from you.


Sandra Lee Smith,  2010/updated May, 2018


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