“Take your places,” Sister said,

and with a nod

she turned and led

a class of twenty girls and boys

who tried in vain to make no noise,

As they walked into the class,

Solemnly, each lad and lass

Followed Sister into their room,

Down a corridor of gloom,

And at the door the Sister said

“Take your places”

And they tread

Across the floor where they would find

The desks to which they’d been assigned.

“Take your places,” Sister said,

They all sat down, they were well-bred;

Both feet flat upon the floor,

Inside the desk, some space to store

One’s lunch, some books an not much more;

It was a litany often spoke,

By a nun, it would evoke

Long forgotten Sisters’ faces

Telling us to take our places.

—Sandra lee Smith


(Shades of St. Leo’s!)



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