Around my Secret Garden grew

Three ancient olive trees,

Protected and anointed by

Bright butterflies and bees.


The Bible called you “King of Trees”,

And even “Tree of Life”,

For you, the twisted olive tree,

Sustain yourself through strife.


A dove brought back an olive branch

To Noah, at the ark –

Since time began, revered by man,

Who, for luck, touched its bark.


In ancient Greece, dark rooms were lit

With lamps fueled by their oil,

While virgins tended to the trees

And tilled surrounding soil.


Ancient Greek philosophers

Extolled the olive’s worth,

Medicinal and magical,

It gave great nations birth.


Pillars of society,

To cut one down, a crime,

Offenders exiled or condemned

To die while in their prime.


Homer called it liquid gold,

Oil from the fruit was blessed

To use in holy rituals,

In sacred lamps was kept.


Jesus, in Jerusalem,

Prayed in the Mount of Olives,

And in the Garden of Gethsemane

He called upon his Father.


Jesus was arrested

In the Mount that fateful night,

And surrounding olive trees

Were witness to His plight.


Symbol of goodwill to man,

Abundance, peace, and power,

Your leafy branches form a crown

To praise men of the hour.


Olive branches, Olive crowns,

Emblems of benediction,

Oh, evergreen with silver leaves,

Your truth outweighs all fiction.


What secrets lie within your boughs,

What healing forces guide you?

Would I rise up strong once again,

If I laid down beside you?


Oh, olive trees, my olive trees —

Surviving drought and wind!

And if a mortal chops you down,

Will you grow back again?


Sandra Lee Smith , originally written 2007,  updated 4-29-18 Inspired by the olive trees that grew in my front yard in Arleta, California.



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