Crowded places

Make me uneasy,

Like crowded elevators,

I start getting queasy—

Crowded places,

Like stadiums,

Or concert halls,

I come undone,

I look for exits,


Where I could run if

No time to spare –

Crowded places,

Like Times Square,

On New Years Eve;

(I won’t be there).

Crowded airplanes,

On a flight –

Crying babies

Add to plight,

Crowded airports,

Standing in line,

Reading a book,

Won’t make it fine—

With unwashed bodies,

On a crowded bus—

Try not to breathe,

Or make a fuss,

Crowded subways,

Can be worse –

I’d just as soon

Ride in a hearse.

A hearse! A hearse!

That would be fine –

I bet there won’t be

Any line!

–Sandra Lee Smith

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